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This package provide you with Equity Calls(Share Tips/Shares Tips) for Indian Share Market. We Provide you trading calls based on technical analysis. Our Chartists study the Daily, Weekly & Monthly charts daily & with their experience and past history provide you trading calls for you to make profit. All our chartist have significant experience and after thorough study provide you trading calls.

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This package provide you with MCX Tips(Commodity Tips/Commodities Tips) based on News & Data. This News & Data is collected by us from various sources and we make a quick interpretation from this news which helps us to provide you momentum calls. It requires good experience and efforts to interpret the data as this data has different meaning at different point of time. MCX Trading is highly compicated and involves great risk.

Our Analysts look after this carefully and provide you profitable trading calls which has more than 80% accuracy.

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Equity (Cash & Futures)

Equity Trading Tips - BSE | NSE Cash & Futures

We Provide Equity Trading Tips (Share Tips) based on technical analysis. Our Analysts study the daily, weekly & monthly charts daily and based on their experience provide you profitable trading calls with more than 80% accuracy...

Commodity (MCX)

Commodity (MCX) Trading Tips

We Provide Commodity (MCX) Trading Tips based on technical analysis and world economic data. Our Analysts study the charts & economic data carefully to provide you profitable trading calls with more than 80% accuracy...

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Want To See The Profits For Last 3 Months?
We have calculated the Results as per 1 lot per Call & Wherever, The Scrip is not in F&O, we have taken Each Stock Worth Rs 50,000 (I.e No. of Shares = 50,000 / Scrip Price) - Kindly Note: From 01 Jan 2011, All The Calls of Nifty should be traded in 2 lots & Bank Nifty should be traded in 4 Lots.

Profit: 2,38,188

Loss: 79,750

Net Profit: 1,58,438

See Calculation

Profit: 1,81,995

Loss: 43,350

Net Profit: 1,38,645

See Calculation
See Segment-Wise Calculation


Profit: 2,40,190

Loss: 74,750

Net Profit: 1,65,440

See Calculation

Profit: 2,49,950

Loss: 52,925

Net Profit: 1,97,025

See Calculation
See Segment-Wise Calculation


Profit: 1,42,725

Loss: 33,500

Net Profit: 1,09,225*

See Calculation

Profit: 85,175

Loss: 35,500

Net Profit: 49,675*
(Profit from 11 Working Days Only - Office Remained closed from 14 Aug to 24 Aug)

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See Segment-Wise Calculation

Support & Resistance Calculator

Support and Resistance
Support and Resistance Calculator
Scrip Name Open
High Low

Todays close / Last Trading Price

Enter the variables in the spaces above. Floor trader's weren't allowed calculators in the trading pits, thus needed simple formulas for quickly determining support and resistance areas. These are not absolutes, but the majority of the time will indicate congestion areas, consolidations, turning points. Believe it or not there are websites that charge Rs. 2000 a month for these numbers

Monthwise Results

Excellent Results

We have given Excellent Results in both in Shares & Commodities Tips.

Month-Wise Net Profit Calculation for Last 2 Years

Month / Section Equity (Net Profit)

Commodities (Net Profit)

Nov '12

1,18,940 2,77,825

Dec '12

   68,335 3,64,060

Jan '13

   63,153 1,98,740

Feb '13

   2,08,438 3,21,853

Mar '13

   2,67,465 2,13,385

Apr '13

   2,22,175 7,17,153

May '13

   98,775 5,15,953

June '13

   2,31,075 2,60,180

July '13

   1,73,375 3,74,870

Aug '13

   4,07,330 5,20,815

Sep '13

   1,62,488 6,42,030

Oct '13

   1,89,075 4,78,975

Nov '13

   1,17,650 3,48,730

Dec '13

   1,27,450 3,48,745

Jan '14

   1,76,275 2,40,085

Feb '14

   1,49,100 1,65,283

Mar '14

   1,13,850 3,59,540

Apr '14

   66,775 1,08,980

May '14

   2,38,005 2,36,785

Jun '14

   1,49,800 1,73,378

Jul '14

   1,70,610 2,00,350

Aug '14

   1,09,225 49,675

Sep '14

   1,65,440 1,97,055

Oct '14

   1,58,438 1,38,645
TOTAL (Net Profit)



Always More than 80% Accuracy

Section Charges
Equity Rs 4000 / Month
Commodities (Base & Precious Metals) Rs 8000 / Month

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