Equity Plan

(Indian Share Market Tips / Calls - BSE Cash / NSE Cash / NSE Futures)

This package provide you with Equity Calls for Indian Share Market. We Provide you trading calls based on technical analysis. Our Chartists study the Daily, Weekly & Monthly charts daily & with their experience and past history provide you trading calls for you to make profit. All our chartist have significant experience and after thorough study provide you trading calls.

Highlights / Features
  • Daily Support & Resistance Levels for Sensex & Nifty
  • Trading Calls Given During Market Hours
  • No. of Calls Depends upon Market Volatility (On an average daily 3-4 calls are given)
  • All the tips are given with Target & Stop Loss
  • All our buying calls are based on NSE Future Prices. You can take position in BSE Cash, NSE Cash or NSE Futures as per your capacity / wish. All Short Sell Calls are given based on NSE Futures Prices and position has to be taken in NSE Futures Only
  • Our Accuracy is 80% and above
  • No Separate / Multiple Schemes
  • All calls are given by SMS only
  • You can call us on our Mobile for any query on our recommended calls only

The Fine Point
  • A Minimum Capital of 2,00,000 to 3,00,000 is required to benefit from our tips
  • All Calls are Positional. Our Targets May Achieve in Intra-day to 5 Working Days (You have to assume that all calls are given with a positional view of 5 Working Days)
  • Book Profit as per your Judgment & Risk Capacity
  • We do not give calls in Options
  • We give Nifty & Bank Nifty calls only for Intra-day. You can take positions as per your capacity.
  • We do not provide Messenger Service

Subscription Charges

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Subscription Charges

Our Services Equity Commodity Combo Trading
Period Trading Tips Investment Calls Ask The Expert Trading Tips Trading Tips
      Technical Fundamental    
      Price Per Scrip Basic Advanced    
1 Month 6000 - Rs 675
per scrip
Rs 2500
per scrip
Rs 25000
per scrip
8000 14000
3 Months 18000 - - - - 24000 42000
6 Months 36000 - - - - 48000 84000

1 Year

72000 30000 - - - 96000 168000
2 Years 125000 55000 - - - 175000 300000
3 Years 175000 70000 - - - 225000 400000


1. Subscribers will get access to the website in the paid section

2. Investment calls are for minimum period of 1 Year as we would wait for the best opportunity to enter trade and will hold for a longer period to get multi bagger returns and thus subscription for less duration is not available. Also note, that we do not give Trial for Investment Calls as the result cannot be seen instantly but only after a considerable duration

3. Price for Ask The Expert is per scrip

4. Ask The Expert - Technical: We would provide our views based on technical charts, volume & price action and technical indicators. Reply given within 24 hours

5. Ask The Expert - Fundamental Basic: We would do the basic fundamental analysis of stocks and give our research report. Reply will be given in 1 Month.

6. Ask The Expert - Fundamanetal Advanced: We will do in-depth analysis of the stocks and would also speak or meet with the management and related parties and provide you with our detailed research report within 3-6 months.

Currently, SMS Service not available outside India

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Latest Equity Calls

Futures and Options
Date Code Scrip Name
CMP Target 1 Target 2 Stop Loss Exit Date. Exit Rate. Remark
Jul 16 000000 INDUSIND BANK 1944 1934 1924 1958 Jul 16 1924 DID LOW
Jul 10 000000 WOCKART 638 644 648/654 630.90 Jul 10 646 DID HIGH
Jul 10 000000 BHARAT FIN 1180 1185 1190 1175 Jul 10 1186 DID HIGH

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